Another Charming Bouquet in a Bag


Here’s the very same design concept that I demonstrated in my last blog post [CLICK HERE to review all the details if you missed it] ~ this time using very different materials to create a more romantic, old-fashioned look.


Think about where you could use arrangements like this: for special occasions like lunches and brunches, baby or bridal showers, picnics, birthday celebrations ~ and wouldn’t they be just perfect for Mother’s Day? Or what about just sitting on your dining table, hutch or coffee table in a place of honor to brighten the simple moments of every day?

Start with another beautiful handbag.


Add a waterproof inner container and some water.


Start adding your flowers, usually largest flowers first as they will be the arrangement’s focal point.



Next, add secondary flowers. These pink alstroemeria were just right:


For some height and drama, I added a few blossom branches and some leafy curly willow. This step immediately doubles the size of your creation.


I added a few stalks of white snapdragon clustered together among the branches ~


and finally, I tucked in two spectacular roses, the only ones blooming in my garden right now ~ and they matched my bag perfectly!


Place your beautiful composition on a bare table or use a cover of your choice (this is a moss table runner that can be found in the floral department of most craft stores or plant nurseries). IMG_2043

Add a little extra detail like this cement bird, if that pleases you.


Now take a bow, get ready for compliments and enjoy the beautiful effect of your unique floral creation.



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