Beautiful Blue Hydrangeas

I bought some gorgeous pale blue hydrangeas at the San Francisco flower market recently for some huge arrangements I was creating (CLICK HERE to see that blog post), and I had some left over to enjoy. These beauties lasted a full two weeks, and I thought I’d show you how I used them in a couple of different settings.


Next photo: here they are on my front porch in a cement pot (it’s a versatile utensils crock from Pier 1 and you may have noticed I use it often in different floral designs). Set on a glass-top table in front of the dearly-loved  bird house I found in Pacific Grove, CA years ago ~ it makes a beautiful still life. Because they’re outdoors and the weather is still a little chilly, the flowers will last longer than inside the house.


Next photos: here’s a charming wooden box I found at Michaels a few weeks ago, that has also become a favorite container for different flower displays. (CLICK HERE to see how I used it in another post last February.)  


Since it is definitely not water-tight, I simply placed a couple of drinking glasses inside, added water, and cut the hydrangea stems down so they would mound over the edges of the box. (Remember, you can use almost ANY container as long as you water-proof it! Often, such containers provide the most fascinating presentations for your lovely bouquets.)

Set on a pretty piece of linen with a complementary accessory or two like this little cement bird for company, the hydrangeas form a delightfully rich composition in just a couple of EASY steps! 


Look around you to see what containers you can come up with to create your own unique floral design.


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