Blossoms from Heaven

IMG_4407 - Version 2

      All over the world, it seems to me,  flower-lovers are pointing their cameras toward the sky, capturing glimpses of ethereal pink blossoms spread in wondrous canopies over their heads.   What could be more heavenly than this?

One of the reasons I L*O*V*E Instagram is the connection it gives me to people in faraway places who see the world as I do, through flower-colored lenses. No matter what our language or our culture, Beauty is a common bond that brings us together, and there are few things in life more beautiful than flowers!

    To illustrate my point, here are a few international photos shared by people I follow on Instagram:

IMG_4255   IMG_4256    IMG_3883   IMG_4252 - Version 2

The first image is from a dear friend, @loraole, and the following four are  from @glolombardi, a beautiful young signorina who lives in Italy… @fairynuffflowers, who posts from the UK… and @fleuristagram, a French florist who shares her beautiful pictures from Paris. And I’ve seen many more ~ from Japan, Russia, South America, anywhere the blossom trees are showing off their loveliness.  See what I mean?!?


Photo credits:

The first and last photos are shared via Instagram by Lora O., taken at the peak of the Tidal Basin cherry blossom extravaganza in Washington,  D.C.

IMG_4408 - Version 2

Photos #2 and 3 are from @fairynuffflowers; #4 from @glolombardi; #5 is from @fleuristagram. Photo #6 is mine, taken at a local park in northern California.

            Flowers were created to make us happy and lift our hearts. And so they do!

5 thoughts on “Blossoms from Heaven

  1. Our grandson is in Japan on his mission. He sent us some beautiful pictures of the cherry blossoms, Sydne. I’ll see if I can attach a couple. The one picture is sunrise coming over the mountain. Love you! Lorraine

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  2. We are on our way to Washington DC on Sunday and hopeful that we’re not too late for the cherry blossoms. If we find them, I’ll for sure send you a photo. In Palo Alto I have been “ooing and awhing” over the roses this year. The first blooms must have loved all that rain. Takes my breath away.

    Hugs, J.



  3. Utah is filled with blossoming trees this week. I have always loved blossoms. My mom loved them, too. I know where my favorite trees are, and I look for their special show every year.


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