Flower Class: The whimsical scabiosa

     I posted this first photo on Instagram and Facebook yesterday, and thought you’d like to see some samples of how we’ve used this lovely flower favorite in some of our bridal bouquets.


     I love the contrast of frilly petals circling an unusual “beaded”  center, which in fullest bloom looks like it has little pins sticking out of it. Easy to understand why scabiosa’s other name is “pincushion flower.

IMG_0806    IMG_1878

     Available in beautiful shades of blue, purples, pinks, raspberry and white, scabiosa is more easy-going than you would imagine from its fragile, delicate look  – so it’s perfect in bridal party bouquets, especially when the look is more informal and rustic and the scabiosa is mixed with other flowers. 


     In this photo, you can see the flower in various stages of development, from tight to fully open. 

See if you can find the scabiosa flowers in these bouquets:


DSC_0254 DSC_0252 Image 16   P1110284 DSC_0451 - Version 2   DSC_0450DSC_0330 - Version 3    Image


I especially love the way the white scabiosa we used on this spectacular garden wedding cake matches the ruffles and frills of the white frosting and provides contrast to the yellow roses and ranunculus, and those heavenly blue hydrangeas.



     Flower growers are always trying to outdo themselves in unveiling new varieties of popular flowers, and each new variation seems to be more stunning than the last. Here’s an amazing pink scabiosa from Brannan Street Wholesale at the San Francisco, CA flower market. (Photo credit goes to @sfbrannanstwholesale.)


Thank you, beautiful flowers, for making us happy!

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