A Beautiful Bouquet to Brighten Your Door


      In my last post [CLICK HERE to see it], I showed you how to use a handbag to display a few beautiful fresh flowers on your front door. Now here’s the same idea using a different container and flowers.


An arrangement like this is easy to assemble and uses very few flowers. It would be a sensational display for any kind of festivities, from Mothers Day to luncheons, garden parties and showers ~ or, filled with white flowers, wouldn’t it be perfect for a wedding day?

The container I’m using is a flat metal pail, and it’s just right for this arrangement because it has a hanger and it lies flat against a door.


You can often find pails like this at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and other craft stores, or you can do a Google search for “metal hanging wall pocket” online. I saw several very similar ones available on eBay this week.


All you need besides a fresh few flowers and greens is a flat-backed container, some wet floral foam (best known as “Oasis”) and a sturdy plastic bag to hold the foam. You can find “wet floral foam” at floral departments of Walmart, nurseries and craft stores, or stop in at any florist and ask them to sell you a brick or two.

With a knife, trim the floral foam to fit snugly inside your container. If you’ve never used Oasis before, CLICK HERE to watch a fun YouTube video that tells you exactly how to soak it. There’s definitely a “right” and “wrong” way!


Here’s my pail filled with water-soaked Oasis, nestled in a heavy plastic bag ~ and just dying to be filled with some gorgeous blooms!

I cut a variety of ivy strands from pots on my porch and placed them in the container, wrapping some strands over the handle, too. All the cut ends need to be pushed into the wet Oasis ~ and as long as you keep adding a little water every day or so, the greens will last for days. 

IMG_4557 IMG_4662 

     Next, I placed the biggest flowers (roses from my neighbor’s garden) into the bucket, like this:

IMG_4664    IMG_4668

After you’ve placed the “focal point” flowers, it’s time to add smaller flowers randomly in the open spaces till you have a look you like.


That’s all there is to it!

 One final step for a festive finishing touch ~ you can add a simple bow. I happen to be a bow-lover, because I feel a bow always makes a design more complete and it’s a way to introduce another color and texture. But it’s a matter of individual taste, and you’re the creator so you get to decide.


        I know from years of teaching that many people are intimidated by the idea of tying a pretty bow ~ but this one is easy. Get a length of stiff wire, bend it to make a U, and then take a length of any ribbon you like (softer ribbon is easier to work with), thread one end through the upside-down U, and tie a bow just like a shoelace.Then twist the two wires together, tuck the doubled wire securely into the wet foam and trim off the ends of the  ribbon.

Here’s another version of this fun project ~ same design principle using different flowers, to create a completely different look!

I used a few varieties of ivy and two fresh blue hydrangeas.


     I loved how it turned out ~ simple and elegant, but as you know, I can’t seem to leave well enough alone so I added a few stems of a flowering shrub that I found hanging over my fence. So pretty!


 Finally, I tied a sheer mesh bow and tucked it into the arrangement. Beautiful either way!


Final note: As you can see, the luscious roses I used were in full bloom, so they only lasted a few days. But the beauty of this kind of arrangement is that  the greenery will stay fresh for up to a week, so all you have to do to freshen up your display is to snip off the spent flowers and replace them with some new ones. It’s really fun to change the look ~ and it can be done so easily.


For this or any floral design, the possibilities are literally endless. Any container, any size, any flowers in any color combination will change the look that you create. Here’s the rose bucket after I replaced some of the roses and added sprigs of yarrow and pale peach carpet roses from my yard, and finished it off with a few stems of variegated ficus from a pot on my porch.


Here’s to endless possibilities!

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