Easy Project: A basketful of flowers for Mom


         Looking for a pretty Mother’s Day gift for your mother ~ or someone you love like a mom? Here’s a pretty project that’s easy * fast * fabulous * and perfect!

No matter what season of life she’s in, every mother loves nothing than more than receiving a beautiful present you’ve made yourself ~ and you won’t find a simpler, faster or more perfect gift than this one! Even a child could easily handle this project.

All it takes is a basket of any kind, deep enough to hold plant soil and roots +   plastic for waterproofing + assortment of fresh flowering plants.


Line your basket with plastic (for more detailed instructions, click on link at end of this post) ~ 


Fill the basket with fresh flowering plants from a nursery or garden center, crowding them tightly together for a full, lush look ~

IMG_1906 - Version 2

And, just like that, you have created an extra-special gift for Mom!


For more of my flowers-in-a-basket ideas plus detailed instructions for this project, CLICK HERE.

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