Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!


It seems there’s always a patriotic holiday celebration just around the corner in the USA, and we love our red, white and blue!

Here, I’ll be showing you some easy (always!), quick and do-able ideas for putting together a beautiful tablescape for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day or any summer day in between!


You will need:

  1. A collection of red, white and blue flower starts from the nursery.
  2. A tablecloth for your table(s) ~ here I used a fabulous find, a faded red-white-and-blue quilt from a garage sale!
  3. An assortment of patriotic “props” – like containers (baskets, pots or wooden crates), lanterns, votive candles, plates (Pier 1 and OSH), flags, napkins and/or bandanas, and even colorful party foods.

Here’s what to do:

Buy an assortment of small flowering plants like red and white vinca, red salvia, white alyssum and mini-zinnias, and blue lobelia. These are readily available everywhere right now.


Choose some containers to plant your little patriotic flower gardens in (all these from Michaels):

IMG_6541     IMG_6230

And, to line the larger boxes for added color, some bandanas (a steal @ Walmart for $1 apiece!) ~ or a napkin or square of any fabric.


Next step: WATERPROOF your containers. Line with heavy plastic (I love the clear yardage from Walmart @ .99/yd).

IMG_6247   IMG_6262

Then ~ arrange your red, white and blue flowering plants inside the containers, very snugly. You may have to trim off some of the soil around each root ball so you can squeeze the plants tightly together for a full, lush look. 

IMG_6248   IMG_6251

First planter: Red salvia (“Red Hot Sally”), white vinca (love the little red centers) , blue lobelia and a touch of white alyssum.

Second planter: Red vinca, white mini-zinnia and blue lobelia.

And for that perfect final touch, some small American flags (these are drinking straws) inserted right into the soil of the plants!

IMG_6338 IMG_6352 IMG_6360

IMG_6277 IMG_6266

Now that you have your colorful planter baskets for the table, it’s time to add some red, white and blue accessories to complete the display:

IMG_6335 IMG_6456

 Drinking straws with flags attached ~ perfect to poke into the flower “gardens” (from Target) * Little pails to hold napkins or candles (from Walmart and Target).  


IMG_6448 IMG_6318

Red lanterns from IKEA (around $5); they come in several colors and are available year-round. * A larger white lantern (Pier 1) * A condiment basket, also from Pier 1 ($14.95), that I dressed for the holiday by wrapping some red, white and blue burlap ribbon (Walmart) around the sides, securing with pins at a corner (hot glue would work, too).

IMG_6364  IMG_6316

Some fun tea lights ($1 aisle @ Target) and a white tin pitcher from IKEA that I dressed up by tying a triangle of red & white plaid around it. Just a simple touch ~ but what a difference!

I even used some food items to continue the theme, because that’s just what I love to do! Here are some tiny cupcakes from Walmart, fresh berries in gingham bowls, and buns in a red basket lined with another bandana.

IMG_6368 IMG_6337  DSC_0844

Now that you have all your materials, it’s time to play! Here you’ll see that I arranged the different elements in several ways, to create different compositions ~ all of them tied together by the unifying colors of red, white and blue.

IMG_6450  IMG_6470


Happy celebrating!


PS: You could use cut flowers in these tablescapes if you prefer. But these little plants are so much easier, especially for a relaxed holiday weekend, because you can create your arrangements up to a week ahead and do nothing else but give them a bit of water when the soil feels dry, and pinch off any dead blossoms that develop. Easy!



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