Fun Family Fourth of July!

The 4th of July will be here before you know it, so I want to share some fun ideas with you in case you want to get a head start on planning. Like most American families, our family loves celebrating Independence Day, and with so many lively grandkids of all ages,

       DSCN0239 - Version 2   #2 grandchild - so cute!  

IMG_1311  P1070220

we love to get them involved in activities like decorating cupcakes;

DSC_0096   P1010120

stuffing metallic sparkler sticks [from crafts stores] and plastic picnic utensils into Mason jars, and tying them with simple bows made from strips of red, white and blue cotton fabric;

DSC_0035   P1040474 - Version 3

and painting clay pots and river rocks with patriotic designs.

(For this project, we just squeeze acrylic craft paint onto paper plates and the little artists apply their designs with foam craft brushes ~ all from crafts stores.)

DSCN0253 - Version 2 DSCN0250 DSCN0249  DSCN0266


We fill the pots with flowers and flags


and let the children have the pride of contributing to the festivities with their colorful, fun creations!


Happy Birthday, America!



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