Cobalt blue: my new favorite neutral!


Cobalt blue – a surprising neutral!

The colors that made my mother swoon were blues in any shade, but the colors that make me absolutely giddy are pinks and greens. I have never been drawn to blues myself, but not long ago as I was preparing to teach a design class showing different container ideas, a little magazine photo of a Chinese blue & white vase caught my eye, and I was instantly fascinated by the fresh, cool boldness of the colors and patterns.


Since then, as I’ve begun to collect some of these blue and white vases, jars and pots (see note at end of post*), I have noticed, much to my surprise, that the striking blue & white design goes with almost any COLOR!!

Take a look at just a few examples of this:

IMG_5455   IMG_5414IMG_4990   IMG_4995 IMG_5011   IMG_3473

Isn’t this amazing? There’s hardly a color you couldn’t combine with these vases!

You can easily assemble a lovely grouping of blue & white vases and accessories and use them as a tablescape, on a mantel or in a hallway – or any other place you choose, including a bathroom!


Just add fresh flowers when you have them (making sure the vases are waterproof), and when you don’t, you could add a few touches of beautiful silk flowers (the pink peonies pictured above are silk) or keep the empty vases on display as an interesting sculptural arrangement.


Here are some more illustrations of how the striking blue & white pattern  enhances any colors you want to add:

IMG_5445 IMG_5430 IMG_5439

See what I mean? If you start hunting for ceramics in these beautiful Asian-inspired designs, you will be surprised what you can easily find!

*Note: The vases pictured here are from places like Marshall’s, Ross, eBay and Michaels; the biggest one was discovered at a vintage second-hand store by a friend who knew I would love it. And she was right! And just so you know, I’ve never paid more than $8.00 for any of these pieces!



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