Caitlin’s Wedding: Country charm, vintage vibe


This is Caitlin, a darling summer bride. The vintage vibe of her charming country wedding was reflected in the sweet, colorful bridal party bouquets we designed and created for her.


The request to do her wedding flowers came when we already had a very large wedding job in the works. Sometimes (well, honestly, whenever the occasion presents itself) we have been known to accept two wedding flower jobs in one weekend. And for a small, two-person creative endeavor, where we do all the work ourselves, more than one wedding in a week is really pushing our limits.

But my desire to get my hands on even more beautiful flowers always gets in the way of whatever common sense I might have, and many’s the time I’ve said “Yes” when I might better have said “No.”

Here are some of the thousands of flowers we used in the two weddings that crazy weekend.


The scenario goes like this: When we get a second request, the first wedding is usually a huge one, booked months ahead. Then, out of the blue, I get an enticing call from another bride or her mom, so anxious for our help, the bride soooo adorable… and besides, I tell myself, it’s usually “just a little job” tacked on to the first. So of course, I say yes. Commit now and consider the consequences later- that’s my motto!


The bride’s gown: I wish the pictures showed more detail, but this bridal gown (which suited the darling bride perfectly) was filled with tucks and pleats and ruffles and lace in a very soft and charming vintage style.

caitlinwedding-258-2-1 - Version 2

And her bouquet ~ oh, how adorable it was. Frilly and eclectic, it was filled with all the many colors she had requested. She really wanted a hot pink peony as the focal point, but since peonies were impossible to come by in August, I was inspired to use groupings of vibrant fuchsia pink David Austen roses, and they proved to be a beautiful substitute.


In addition, we combined palest blue bella donna, purpley wax flowers, pale lavender stock and feathery pink astilbe with tiny orange roses, thistle-like rust-colored gomphrena, and sunny orange hypericum berries. Bright yellow crespidia balls were scattered through the bouquet, and, circled with a collar of bright green galax leaves (I love using those!), and bound together by a white silk ribbon studded with pearls, it was perfect!

The bridesmaids: All five vivacious attendants wore dark navy, knee-length gowns, which made the perfect backdrop to set off their brightly-colored flower bouquets. 


Flowers: As with the bridal bouquet, we used a wide selection of wildflowers to make these bright and whimsical bridesmaid bouquets, using most of the same flowers, but wrapped with ice blue ribbons.


I loved all those bouquets! It was such a fun opportunity to design some florals outside of the more traditional requests we usually receive.


Thoughts on the challenges of a two-wedding weekend:

When I agree to take on two weddings in one weekend, there are advantages in the “two birds, one stone” category, like only one trip to the flower market and a chance to practice our multi-tasking skills. The #2 client usually offers to pick up the order as well, so we don’t have a second delivery (and all its challenges) to contend with. Then ~ I cannot tell a lie,  the chance to net some more profit is always part of the appeal.

Those are some of the pluses, but on the other side of the ledger, the disadvantages are breathtaking, usually not remembered in detail (much like labor pains) till we are in the thick of the deadlines, wondering how we are possibly going to make it through, and me wondering how I could possibly have been so delusional!

For more, CLICK HERE to see my post “Just Another Weekend Wedding,” that tells the detailed story of what we florists do to create  perfect bouquets for the perfect wedding.


In the end, just one look at this beautiful bride’s radiant, joyful face tells the whole wonderful story, and it also tells you why I LOVE what I do!


Credit for bridal party photos: Heather Lowry

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