Say “So Long” to Summer with a Beach Party Centerpiece


The last days of summer are upon us, and it’s the perfect time to throw together an informal party or picnic.

               Here’s a QUICK * EASY * FUN idea you can create for your party table with just a few colorful props you just might have on hand, and you don’t even need  a pool or the beach to create the illusion of a relaxing getaway.

Let me show you how easy it is to go from a few random beach props to a delightful tablescape that everyone will remember for months to come.

IMG_3214  IMG_2952 - Version 3

Start by gathering brightly-colored beach towels and pool toys ~ and keep your eyes open for other fun accessories that might add to your composition. Plastic drink tumblers, colored drinking straws, napkins, sunglasses, swim goggles and children’s flip-flops are perfect!

IMG_0719  IMG_0773 IMG_0784   IMG_2931  IMG_0770  IMG_0787
As I said, you may have the pails and beach towels already, so all they’ll need is a little scrub-up to become table-worthy.


Next come the beautiful fresh flowers, the element that will always transform ordinary “stuff” into something sensational!

IMG_0652 IMG_9248

        You can get colorful flowers in lots of places at this time of year. Just try to find big, bold flowers that will hold their own with the bright beach props you’ll be using. Zinnias, with their simple, stylized shapes and riotous colors work perfectly for this display (also think sunflowers, gerbera daisies or dahlias). The ones at left are from a local farmers’ market and the ones on the cart are potted zinnias from my local nursery,

           Start by spreading as many towels as you need onto your table, and then you can do something as simple as adding just one pail full of flowers for a festive look.

IMG_9866   IMG_0803

If you want to keep adding accessories to make your tablescape larger and add more fun — once you’ve placed the biggest elements (like the flower-filled sand pails here), just keep adding “props,” first medium-sized ones, then filling in with your smallest accessories here and there. There’s no rule for exact placement of anything since it’s such a fun, playful look you’re creating!

IMG_9881   IMG_9666

One more element I added that makes a huge impact is beach sand and shells. I found a jar of white sand & tiny shells at a home goods store, and scattered it throughout the beachy composition I had created. What a wonderful addition, and SO simple to do! And best of all, it adds to the image of a lazy day at the beach.

IMG_2932   IMG_9878

      That’s it! Your beautiful centerpiece is finished, and now all you need to add is some casual, delicious food and some friendly guests ~ and you will have easily created a summer’s-end celebration that will be remembered for months to come.


IMG_2922 - Version 3

Goodbye, beautiful Summertime. We’ll miss you.


One thought on “Say “So Long” to Summer with a Beach Party Centerpiece

  1. Such cute ideas! I will archive this for next summer for sure! I cannot wait for your fall looks to come next! After that its Christmas, but I am getting ahead of myself, it’s probably the heat today, but I cannot wait!


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