Ten-Minute Still Life Centerpiece (2 Ways)


Here’s a bright idea for an informal centerpiece that’s QUICK * INEXPENSIVE * and delightful!

It’s so easy to create a little vignette of “beautiful” in your surroundings by combining a few familiar elements that we usually see as “ordinary.” Combining fruits and flowers together adds extra visual punch to each separate ingredient because they enhance each other’s luscious beauty, and cause you to see them in a whole new way.  

Here’s all you need (version #1):

  • A bag of beautiful fruit (apples from Costco)


  • A metal basket (this one is from Michaels, but you can find similar ones at Walmart in the floral or kitchen supply section, as well as at other home accessories stores)


  • A bright, crisp dish towel or cloth napkin


  • And a few snips & sprigs of flowers and leaves (I set these in a juice glass, but in a small Mason jar they would be oh, so cute!)


Once you have your elements, just arrange the cloth inside the basket ~


pile in your apples ~


Note: I always add a touch of green leaves to these displays because this simple step creates the illusion of “just-picked” from the tree. (These are camellia leaves from my yard.)

Then tuck a small glass full of your little flowers among the fruits ~


And there you have it – a  bright and satisfying composition that will make you smile every time you see it.


Here’s version #2:


Using exactly the same basic supplies and concept, you can create a completely different look:

  • A variety of fruits 


  • Open wire basket + napkin or towel


  • Just a few sprigs of flowers and greens from the yard

img_1551 img_1368


img_1522 img_1527 img_1533

Tuck in your little flower jar ~


And look what you’ve created! So easy, and perfect for your table, your counter or anywhere you need a little extra touch of happy!

These will literally last for days and wouldn’t they make a great portable centerpiece for a picnic or tailgate party? Or even as the perfect hostess gift (that is, if you can bear to give them away)?

Remember: Making arrangements is all about using your creative imagination! Any elements you choose ~ in this case, any fruits or veggies, any open basket, any fabric piece or any flowers ~ will create a design unique to YOU, and as you combine these separate familiar objects, you will create a wonderful composition that will be much more than the sum of its parts.



5 thoughts on “Ten-Minute Still Life Centerpiece (2 Ways)

  1. I just love this idea- so perfect for my simple last minute operations. Thank you for adding cheer and creativity to my day. Hope you are doing well.

    Cheers, Jeanne McNitt

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    1. THANK YOU Lynn, Jeanne, Anita and Lulu — My heart is so happy knowing I’ve brightened your day just a little bit! Lynn, Thanks for the photo of the basket still life you already created. Wow! xoxo to all, Sydne


  2. Love this idea, Sydne. I’m just now eyeing some apples on our tree that I think are destined for a “Sydne” arrangement. Thanks for the morning inspiration. Love to you♥️


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