Put a Pumpkin Patch on your Table!


With a chill in the air and all the glory and excitement of autumn exploding around me, with happy visits to pumpkin patches and those big orange pumpkins everywhere, I thought to myself: Why not bring some of that color and delight inside and create a little pumpkin patch to go right on the table?


So that’s just what I did!  Let me show you how:

image-102     Where could you display a mini pumpkin patch? Pretty much anywhere! It would be perfect on your dining table, hall table, mantel, kitchen counter, front porch (where it will last longer because of cooler temps) ~ and it would be a sensational idea for a friends’ gathering or a kids’ party!


Even perfect for a picnic or tailgate party because it’s portable!

image-97  image-82

    As you see from the photos, the look of this happy little pumpkin field can be changed instantly by adding whatever accent accessories you want to select. You can use scarecrows ~ or lanterns ~ or nothing but bright pumpkins. Anything you choose changes the look and makes it your own!


  • container (basket or pot) Michaels and World Market have huge selections of baskets.
  • plastic liner (I buy mine by the yard at Walmart)

image-91  image-16

  • assorted pumpkins
  • green vine plants (I used sweet potato vines & coleus)


  • moss (optional but recommended) ~ from craft store or nursery


  • bamboo skewers (Note: Once you pierce the pumpkins, they won’t stay fresh long. Sealing the hole with hot glue helps, and keeping them cool helps, too. Otherwise, just wait to add them till the last minute.)

image-78  image-107

  • scarecrow or lantern as the center of attention (from craft or home goods stores)

image-57  image-14

  • extra accessories, like pumpkin seed packets and branches (optional) Note: To further the wonderful illusion of a real pumpkin field full of ready-to-harvest pumpkins, I added a couple of pumpkin seed packets, glued (or taped) to some little branches, which I then stuck in the dirt of the potted plants. 

image-96  image-95

  • table linens ~ here I used a beautiful dish towel from Pottery Barn and a plaid tablecloth from Kohl’s. Any table covering you select will become  the stage to show off your beautiful project.


Pick out a container, any size and shape you want. Option #1: I used a dark brown oval basket 10x16x6″ deep. I was able to fit about 5 vine plants inside it, right in their pots, although you could fit more if you take them out of their plastic pots and squeeze them together.


Option #2: For a much smaller version, I used a brown terra cotta pot from a nursery with one sweet potato vine, a mini pumpkin or two, and a few mums for color. Shown here; more photos at end of post.


.But as I always tell you, feel free to use ANY basket or other container, any SIZE, any COLOR that suits the place you plan to use it. Making these choices is where your creativity begins, and there’s NO “wrong way.”  image-114

Fill your plastic-lined container with vines. You can either keep them in their plastic pots or plant them in the dirt, tightly packed together.

After adding the vines, place pumpkins (on skewers stuck into the dirt), randomly positioned, biggest ones in the middle. Add some more spilling some onto the table to complete the “scene.”

image-107  image-112

 Then cover any exposed dirt with Spanish moss, letting some of it hang over the edge of the container.


image-46Now you can enhance the look of your arrangement with just a few additions or substitutions. Scarecrows make it whimsical and fun, or lanterns make it more grown-up. Or you can combine both!

Notice those absolutely scrumptious pottery plates from Pier 1 below. They could not be more perfect for this pumpkin-inspired theme! You can find many similar beautiful autumn designs in home stores.


This is a SUPER-EASY PROJECT – and very fast once you assemble all your materials. It would even be a great project for children to create, and wouldn’t they have fun doing it?

Here is Option #2 again ~ a scaled-down version of the big pumpkin patch, using the same materials in smaller amounts. Cute and charming, I think!

image-16  image-137


I hope you can see the magic of creating with flowers, plants and accessories, as illustrated by these designs. They can literally transform cold, empty space into a bright and beautiful expression of fun and celebration. Lots of compliments and smiles guaranteed!


IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: I love to use candles with my creations. They just bring that extra warmth and glow. But you must always keep in mind where they will be used. For arrangements like these, there are a lot of flammable materials, so I recommend using the wonderful battery-powered LED candles that are available everywhere in lots of variety. 

EASY MAINTENANCE: This centerpiece can be used all the way through Thanksgiving! Just  keep the plants slightly damp and pick off any dead foliage. 

Happy celebrating!


2 thoughts on “Put a Pumpkin Patch on your Table!

  1. I am doing great, thanks for asking! Getting ready to present a holiday floral demo class in Alamo over the weekend AND I’ve just finished creating a “workbook” with lots of ideas for using flowers in holiday decorating. Info is on my Sydne’s Flower Class Facebook page. I am so grateful I have been blessed to continue this wonderful work! Hope you’re well, too. XOXO


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