Flower Class: A Fresh, Fun Alternative to the Traditional Easter Basket

Create a cute individual “Egg Hunt in a Basket” for Easter morning!                                                        


Don’t you know someone who would love to find one of these beautiful basket surprises on Easter morning? An individual treasure hunt made just for them? A perfect gift (in any size!) not only for children, but for grandparents, special friends and teenagers, too.

IMG_3044 IMG_2998  IMG_2892

These adorable baskets are a fresh take on the traditional candy-stuffed basket, and they’re fast and fun to make! Plus, they’re so easy to create that even kids could make them. (And what a fun idea for a party activity!)


  • Any basket (handle optional)
  • Waterproof lining – plastic bags or a plastic liner
  • Small flowering plants (see suggestions below) – enough to fit snugly in the basket
  • Ribbon to tie bows (about 1 yd. per bow)
  • Easter eggs (you can fill the plastic ones w/ coupons or love notes or cash as well as candy)
  • Extras like little spring animal — chicks or ducks or bunnies
  • Optional: if the blooms on your plants wilt too soon, buy a few fake flower stems to add for more color and pizazz (see below)



IMG_1721 IMG_2833 IMG_3101



Flowering plants like alyssum * viola * pansy * lobelia * English daisy * helenium, and ground covers like ivy – for example. But pick whatever appeals to you, because that’s a big part of the fun!

You’re creating a little garden so you want to select a variety of colorful plants in different heights and shapes; or you can mass together all of one kind of flower – that works beautifully, too!

 IMG_1906 - Version 2IMG_3066

IMG_2836  IMG_1724 IMG_1757

Here’s a suggestion: If the flowers you’ve bought fade away, you can easily add brightness – and in fact, I think I IMPROVED the basket look – by sticking stems of a few fake flowers right into the dirt with the plants. Look closely at the photo of the big basket on the white chair below. I originally planted it with masses of little violas (baby pansies), but after a week or two, even though the foliage was (and is) still very fresh, all the flowers had wilted. 

It’s such an easy, fast fix to cut some stems from artificial flowering bushes (Michaels always has tons of them) and push their little wire stems right into the dirt inside the basket. It couldn’t look prettier, and remember, there is no rule against mixing fresh with fakes!

IMG_3069 IMG_2671 IMG_3014





Once your baskets are planted, all that’s left to do is tie a couple of big colorful bows around the handles, tuck the Easter egg treasures and other goodies in among the flowers…and wait for the fun to begin!




 Final inspiration:

These little baskets are so cute and fun that they would love to find a place of honor right in the middle of your Easter dining table after the hunt is over.

All you have to do is replace the eggs, fluff up the plants (if they’ve been treated with a little too much enthusiasm during the “hunt”) – and place the Easter basket on your table.

IMG_3129 - Version 2 IMG_3130 IMG_3133Add a couple of candles (Michaels) & candlesticks (I love these glass ones from World Market) – and you have a beautiful centerpiece for your celebration!

Of course, if the Easter Bunny is still in sight,                                                     he would make a perfect guest, too!

Happy celebrating and Happy Easter!

       IMG_2889 - Version 3 IMG_2888 IMG_2891


7 thoughts on “Flower Class: A Fresh, Fun Alternative to the Traditional Easter Basket

  1. What a great idea! But I must say the that darling children rival the baskets!! Thanks for all your do-able flower projects 🙂


  2. So clever. I love your wonderful ideas.

    Larry and I are planning a trip down the Oregon and California coast in last May or maybe into early June. Would love to stop and see you. I assume you still live in Walnut Creek.

    Love ya, Margaret Weist


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