Meet Sydne

I’m Sydne Miles and I am a floral designer, which means flowers are the art medium I use to create all kinds of original floral arrangements and bouquets. I have spent several decades working in the floral industry while raising an exuberant family of seven children.

In addition to creating countless custom floral designs for clients, I have been the florist for over four hundred weddings, a very exciting adventure, to be sure.

I have found my greatest delight in presenting flower-arranging classes to many women’s groups over the years. I love empowering women with the knowledge and inspiration they need to create with flowers, and there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing their faces light up as I show them how easy it is to master the delightful art of floral design.

I have created Sydne’s Flower Class because I want to empower more women like you with the tools and encouragement that will help you to bring more flowers into your life. My hope is that you will soon become much more confident in their company and that you will discover, as I have, the magical power they have to bring more joy into our lives.





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